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You'll remember me when the west wind moves

among the fields of barley

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My name's Iz (short from Izabella), I'm 27 and I live in Poland. Some of my passions and interests are music & singing, books, craft and DIY, TV shows/movies. I'm also a daydreamer ☆彡.

My journal is friends only but I'm pretty open to meeting new people, so if you have similar interests and want to friend me, don't be afraid to say hello :). You can read more about me here and if you want me to add you back, you need to comment right here.

I haven't updated my graphics journal in a while, but if you're looking for my old graphics, they can be found at my community starry_melodies.

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"got-that-rabbit-look", "katie-suffers-from-amnesia", "no katie-suffers-from-stupidity", "was-that-a-joke?", abby lockhart, angels, anthony-heads-gleeful-smiles-of-epicness, arthur, arthur wearing morgana's bracelet, arthur/morgana, arthurian legends, astronomy, autumn, bollywood, books, bradley james, bradley/katie, bradley/katie/hugo, bradleys-not-so-subtle-staring, britney spears, buffy the vampire slayer, camelot, carby, catherine bell, cesare/lucrezia, charmed, christmas, christmas lights, cliffhangers, colin/katie/bradley, costume dramas, cross stitching, daydreaming, dean winchester, disney, doctor who, dreams, dresses, edward/rosalie, emma pillsbury, emmett/rosalie, er, eric/nora, evanescence, fanfiction, fanon, gemma doyle trilogy, ginnifer goodwin, girl's generation, glee, great britain, hair, harm/mac, harry potter, harry/hermione, herroni, hide and seek-in-camelot, holly marie combs, hypatia, icons, jag, jayma mays, jensen ackles, kajol, katherine heigl, katie mcgrath, katie mcgrath's hbic glasses, katie/hugo, lazy afternoons, luby, lucy griffiths, making graphics, mary-kate olsen, matthew morrison, maura tierney, merlin, michael/isabel, miranda bbc, molotov jukebox, moon, morgana, morgana/arthur, music, natalia tena, nikki reed, nine/rose, olsen twins, once upon a time, peanuts, photoshop, piper halliwell, piper/leo, pirates, rachel weisz, rain, reading, rick/evie, robin hood, robin hood bbc, romance, roswell, rpf, sailor moon, sandra bullock, sarah mclachlan, sea shanties, sheep, singing, sleeping, snow, snow white, snsd, so-bradley-you're-pretty-hot?, spring, stars, sunfany, sunlight, sunny, sunny's aegyo, sunsets, superchick, supernatural, teddy bear, the borgias, the fountain, the hbic/the prat, the mists of avalon, the mortal instruments, the mummy, the road to avalon, the virgin suicides, the x-files, three days grace, tonks, translating, tv shows, volleyball, wemma, within temptation, , , , ☆彡, , , , , , , 소녀시대

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