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You'll remember me when the west wind moves

among the fields of barley

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i. My name's Iz (short from Izabella), I'm 25 and I live in Poland. I'm hopelessly addicted to my fandoms, books and fanfiction, photoshop, music (can't really live without this one ). I could sleep for hours. I'm a little obsessed with my hair. My fav color would be red. In free time I really like to "dive" into my fandoms which let me forget about real life even just for a little time. I'm a daydreamer ☆彡.

ii. I'm pretty open to meeting new people so if you have similar interests and want to friend me just do this :). You can read more about me here.Although if you want me to add you back, you need to comment right here.

iii. From now on you can find all my graphics and other fandom related stuff at my community starry_melodies.
If you like my graphics, please JOIN or WATCH the community for future updates! :)


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