Iz (amaranthine3) wrote,

My own sigtag directory

I always waste a lot of time on searching for my sigtags so I decided to post an entry with all of them (even from inactive or closed landcomms) :).

disneyverse - teampixar

wb_land - team_charmed (I think that I had more but I can't find them :( )

merlin_land - teammorgana (I miss Merlin Land ;( ♥)

fantasyverse - teamvirtuous

fantasyverse - theunicornden

fandomverse - club_drama

tvrealm - tvdramedy

landofart - team_ren

by allonsy | by craterdweller

by pointblankdarcy | by apricotsvea

by miriamele

onceuponaland - team_snow

womenverse - teamflipflops

tvholics - tv_slapkiss

Tags: !tag banners, disneyverse, fandomverse, fantasyverse, land communities, landofart, merlinland, tvrealm, wb land
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I don't get them, but they are lovely anyway :D, hugs!!!
Thank you Monica! :D <3 These are banners that people use in land communities - when we post something for the challenges we get one more point for posting our banner :).
Aaaaaaaahhhhh :D Ok, good to know, now I know where to go if I ever need one!!! hugs!!!
You can always ask me to make some graphics for you :) <3.
love them!!! ^^
and..omg how many team you're part of? xD
Thank you! :D

Only four right now, but I went on hiatus in one of them ;). The rest of the communities are now closed or not working anymore.
it's so sad when communitues don't work anymore :/
Yep, I miss my closed land comms :/ But it was fun when it lasted :).
I'll always love the first one of Team Morgana (FTW) ♥
Oh, thank you so much hun!!! :D <3 I love this particular picture too much, our girl should smile more often! ^^
And of course Team Morgana FTW :D <3
OMG SO MUCH PRETTY!!! You are one talented banner maker gurl. I hope if you have time you are considering entering the C_L header conest! ;)

Especially love for the flawless and epic Team Morgana banners, it's too bad you don't really get to use them so much...:/ And damn you are part of a lot of teams/landcomms! O_o. I don't know how you do it, lol, I can barely keep up with just the two of mine, ML and [Unknown LJ tag]...
Aww, thank you so much hun!!! :D And I had no idea about the header contest! I'm catching up with lj now and haven't checked all communities yet, but I will definitely try to enter, thank you for telling me about it :D.

I really loved doing these banners with Morgana, even though I don't use them at all. I guess that's why I use Morgana's pics so often for other banners :). And I'm not in all these land comms! I'm in four at the moment and in one on hiatus, so in the end it's only three ;). And ML wasn't active recently, so it helped me to work on the challenges in other comms.
Yay, you've used Charmed for Team Drama! ♥
I couldn't stop myself! :D I miss Charmed and it's not that there's no drama in it ^^
Hehe, is there anything other than drama in it? ;) xD
I thought that the first thing people may notice is supernatural theme, but of course the drama dominates :D.
Well, yeah, sure, they're witches, but like Brad Kern always said, it's a show about sisters who happen to be witches, not the other way 'round!
I know, and that's why I love it so much! :D Though the other people may notice the magical aspect first.